Anticorruption assessment of internal regulations of the University


In order to identify corruption risks in the activities of subordinate organisations and prevent corrupt practices, the Ministry of Education and Science has commissioned an anti-corruption review of the internal acts of these institutions. In this regard, the Rules for anti-corruption examination of internal acts were approved at our University, a working group for internal analysis of corruption risks was created and a number of activities were carried out in due time. According to the order of acting Chairman of Board-rector of university dated February 15, 2021 04-04/48 working group made internal analysis of corruption risks in the activity of NJSC "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University".

In accordance with the Rules of anticorruption expertise (Order dated February 15, 2021 № 04-04/47) the internal analysis was carried out in the following areas 1) identification of corruption risks in normative legal acts affecting the activities of the University; 2) identification of corruption risks in the organizational and managerial activities of the University.

On the results of work conducted on March 3 this year there was held enlarged Rector`s meeting chaired by Takir Balykbayev, Acting Chairman of the Board, Rector of Abai KazNPU with participation of Vice-Rectors of the University, authorized representative on ethics and prevention of corruption risks, directors of institutes, structural departments, heads of centres and departments of our University. Kambar Usipov, director of the Parasat Centre, reported on the anti-corruption assessment of the university`s legal acts. According to the results of internal analysis of corruption risks will be developed an action plan for the implementation of the recommendations specified in the Analytical Report, with the definition of deadlines, responsible persons and deadlines for providing interim information on the implementation of the instructions of the Commissioner for Ethics and anti-corruption risks.

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