Prevention of corruption


In order to form zero intolerance to manifestations of corruption within the framework of the approved Anti-Corruption Work Plan at Abai KazNPU, within the framework of the SANALY URPAQ project for the 2021/2022 academic year, from October 20 to 28, 2021, at the initiative of the Commissioner for Ethics and Prevention of Corruption Risks and the Parasat Center, another series of meetings with students and teaching staff was held on the topic manifestations at the university». The meetings were organized according to the established training format for the current academic year, that is in offline and online format. To form an anti-corruption culture and improve the quality of education at the level of all educational institutions, the Ethics Commissioner and the director of the «Parasat» center traditionally held 7 meetings separately with each institution (Natural History and Geography, Philology and Multilingual Education, Pedagogy and Psychology, Sorbonne-Kazakhstan, Arts, culture and sports, History and law, Mathematics, physics and computer science). These events were attended in offline format - 427, online - more than 600 teachers and students.

During the meetings, the main problematic issues in the framework of combating corruption in the field of higher education were discussed, as well as presented in the form of slides «Fundamentals of anti-corruption policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan», including the Law «On Combating Corruption»; preventive and repressive measures; The Code of Ethics of the Civil Servant; new institutions for the prevention of corruption; typical corruption risks, etc., which describe methods and tools for combating corruption. The trainees were explained the main signs of corruption manifestations and methods of combating them, where the main role is played by culture, service ethics, education and honesty. The issues of compliance by students and teachers with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system implemented at the university - the international standard ISO 37001-2016, which has been implemented over the past year, were clarified. The issues of the correct organization of events to form an anti-corruption culture, internal and external monitoring, control over the observance of anti-corruption standards, the work carried out by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption and the republican project office «SANALY URPAQ» were widely discussed.

The meetings were held at a high organizational level and with the active participation of the students themselves, who asked interested questions. Thus, at the Institute of History and Law, the meeting was held in the format of a round table, where the speakers acquainted with the Regulations and the composition of the newly created student ombudsman. During the period of the midterm control of knowledge, preparation for the upcoming winter session, from the point of view of clarification among students, meetings on the requirements of the Code of Academic Integrity, the Code of Ethics, compliance with international anti-corruption standards ISO 37001: 2016 introduced at the university, and prevention of their violations are of great importance.

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