Winter school: anti-corruption workshop


On January 8, 2020, a seminar on the theme «Designing an anti-corruption system based on the requirements of the international standard» was held at the Abai KazNPU in the framework of the Winter School «Teacher education in a changing world: new priorities». The director of the consulting company «ISO Implementation Agency» Anatoly Banduro conducted it. The main goal of the event is the prevention of corruption at the university, anti-corruption education and training of employees and students, as well as the development of interagency cooperation in the fight against corruption. The seminar was attended by rector Takir Balykbayev, vice-rectors, directors of institutes and heads of departments, heads of structural divisions of the university.

At the opening of the event, rector Takir Balykbayev emphasized the importance and particular relevance of this seminar: «as part of the Winter School, we conduct large-scale training seminars. The main one is the seminar «Designing an anti-corruption system based on the requirements of the international standard». We fully support the tasks set in this matter by the Head of State and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for their implementation, we are doing everything to create zero tolerance for corruption among our students, teachers and staff. To do this, we work in different directions. They created the Anti-Corruption Council, the Center «Parasat», and the corresponding commission is working. In addition, the «Anti-corruption management system according to international ISO standards» is being introduced: 51 people will undergo special training. The anti-corruption work was carried out among the leadership, now we are moving to a new level, that is, we will conduct it among teachers and students.

This year has taken another important step. In order to prevent the facts of corruption and to comply with the Academic Honesty Code of the University, a monitoring group of students and teaching staff was created to prevent and create zero tolerance for corruption. The student during the exam, noticed in violation of the code, is expelled from the university. Following the results of the last session, the results will be revealed and appropriate measures taken. The university will continue to carry out active work to combat corruption according to international standards». During the seminar, Director of the ISO Implementation Agency Anatoly Banduro spoke in detail about the regulatory criteria of the legal framework and standardized requirements. So, the international standard ISO 37001: 2016 establishes the requirements for assessing corruption risks, analyzing the context, the structure of the ISO standard, introducing and improving the anti-corruption management system in the university, designing the system and its processes and elements. It was also talked about the 4 stages of creating an anti-corruption management system according to international ISO standards: the formation of system requirements; the creation of ACMS; ACMS audit for compliance with requirements; operation of ACMS with continuous improvement. The seminar was productive, during the event its participants actively exchanged views.

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