Meeting of directors of institutes and heads of departments


On September 28, 2022 in Abai KazNPU under the leadership of Vice Rector for Academic Affairs M.A. Bektemesov a meeting was held with the directors of institutes and heads of departments of the university. Vice-rector noted that the university administration has taken all organizational and managerial measures for the full continuation of the educational process. Director of the Department of Academic Affairs H.N. Zhanbekov focused on some problematic issues at the beginning of the new academic year, as well as reported on the activities that need to be carried out as soon as possible

Compliance Officer of the Anti-Corruption Service K.T. Usipov also spoke at the meeting, who informed about legislative changes in the area of anti-corruption and reported on the progress of activities carried out in our university. He noted that in general the activities aimed at observing the principles of anti-corruption and academic integrity are carried out in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of the University, the new composition of the Anti-corruption Council has been approved, thematic surveys, meetings, round tables, creative contests are held to educate students in the spirit of combating manifestations of corruption.
It was stressed that the main objective of the compliance service is to prevent corrupt practices, in this regard, at the beginning of the new academic year, the institutions should organize meetings of the compliance officer with their employees, students, advisers, where he would be ready to give full information from his side. K.T.Usipov stated that in the process of allocation of dormitories, despite the positive changes (transition to the new digital format), there are still intermediaries among students who offer their services in obtaining referrals to dormitories. Therefore, it is of great importance to conduct constant explanatory work on the part of the enquirers in this direction, he noted.

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