Formation of anti-corruption culture and promotion of the ideology of integrity


On October 18-20, 2022 in Abai KazNPU in accordance with paragraph 1.12 of the comprehensive plan to combat corruption in the current academic year under the project «Sanaly urpaq» Institutes of Pedagogy and Psychology and Philology organized a meeting with an anti-corruption compliance officer Kambar Usipov on the topic: «The formation of anti-corruption culture and the promotion of the ideology of integrity». The meeting was attended by deputy directors of Institutes on educational work, editors and students of 1-2 courses of specialties «Kazakh Language and Literature», «Russian Language and Literature», «Translation Business», «Eastern Language Teacher with Knowledge of English Language», «Western Philology», «Uyghur Language». Offline - more than 160 students and 350 students in the online format at the Institute of Philology. At the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology 1st and 2nd year students of specialities «Pedagogy and Psychology», «Primary education», «Pre-school education and upbringing», «Special pedagogy», «Psychology» participated: offline - over 120 students.
K.T.Usipov informed about the legislative changes in the anti-corruption direction and gave an overview of the activities conducted in the university. He noted that in general the activities aimed at observing the principles of academic integrity and anti-corruption were conducted in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of the University, on the competencies of the Anti-Corruption Council, spoke about thematic surveys, meetings, creative competitions, round tables to educate the students in the spirit of anti-corruption. The students were clarified on compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001-2016 - anti-corruption management system implemented in the university in recent years.
In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the Concept of anti-corruption policy of RK for 2022-2026, a new version of the University Anti-Corruption Policy, Instruction (Memo), as well as QR-code to provide feedback and which will be placed in a prominent place in all buildings of the University, including the dormitories. Despite the positive changes in the process of allocation of dormitories (transition to the new digital format), the Compliance Officer informed about the still existing intermediaries among the students by a concrete example. Therefore, it is of great importance to carry out continuous explanatory work on the part of the enforcers in this direction. The meeting took place at a high organisational level with the active participation of the students.

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