Forming an anti-corruption culture and promoting the ideology of integrity in the civil service


On November 16, 2022 in Abai KazNPU the seminar-meeting on the topic «Formation of anti-corruption culture and promotion of ideology of integrity in public service» was held. The event was attended by Mamay Akhetov, Advisor to the Akim of Almaty, Kuramayev Ualikhan, Deputy Head of Prevention Department of the Agency for Anti-Corruption in Almaty, Nurlanov Shyngys, Vice-Rector for Social Development of the University, Usipov Kambar, Officer of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Service, and the deputy directors for educational work and students of the universities.

Speaking at the meeting, Mamay Kanievich noted that the role of civil servants in the full implementation of the state function in Kazakhstan was enormous. It should be noted that all the work of such a large megalopolis as Almaty is carried out by district akimats with 30-40 employees, where they conscientiously perform their duties without violation of ethical principles in market conditions. The contribution of higher education institutions to nurturing the country`s loyal future, true patriots of their people, will be enormous. Deputy Head of the Department of Agency for Anti-Corruption in Almaty U.N. Kuramaev commented on the development of anti-corruption policy, paradigmatic changes since 1998, as well as the main provisions of the approved concept for 2022-2026 and the resulting major challenges facing higher education institutions in the country.

Compliance Officer Kambar Turarovich highlighted the main issues of anti-corruption in higher education and the activities aimed at observing the principles of academic integrity and combating corruption in our university in accordance with the Law of RK «On Anti-Corruption», as well as the international standard ISO-37001. He noted what preventive and repressive measures are in place, the new institutions of corruption prevention and the risks inherent in corruption. Summing up the meeting, the Vice-Rector for Social Development Shyngys Nurlanov emphasised that the slogan of the Alash leaders «Serving the nation is from the character» is relevant at the present stage, that those who take such a stand against corruption win. The meeting was held at a high organisational level.

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